[Thank you ] I was able to become the owner o…

この投稿をInstagramで見る [Thank you 🇯🇵] I was able to become the owner of the chestnut tree.🌰 【感謝🇯🇵】栗の木のオーナーになる事ができました🌰ありがとうございます〜 ・ ・ The place is Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture, in JAPAN , and the chestnut variety is "Hitomaru", which is known for its rarity. 場所は日本の茨城県 笠間市、栗の品種は希少さで知られる「人丸(ひとまる)」です ・ ・ Look at the fourth image♡ The left is "Hitomaru". Chestnut with beautiful luster and a wonderful scent. →4枚目の画像見て下さい♡左が「ひとまる」です。美しい艶がある栗で、素晴らしい香りです。 ・ ・ The farm owner is Shinya SAOSHIRO who is also the owner of a Japanese chestnut confectionery store. The harvested chestnuts will be used by Waguri specialty store "Waguriya" and Yoyogi Hachiman's "Montblanc Style" ch続きをみる



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